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Monday, September 27, 2010

Order and chaos

The chaotic week and weekend also saw me performing two concerts back to back:

Saturday was at a book launch by a good friend and senior musician Dr Varadarangan on the science of music.
I chose to elaborate Nadopasana (Begada) as main piece - with Sri B Raghuram on the Violin and Sri V Krishna on the Mridangam.

Sunday was at Chennai for Nadasudha at Velachery at the serene Ganapati Sachidananda Ashram.
The main piece was Suruti (Geetarthamu) - with Sri B Ananthakrishnan on the Violin and Sri R Shankaranarayanan on the Mridangam.

More chaos coming up next weekend and ofcourse the Navaratri melee - predominantly focussed around Kerala.

Watch this space....


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