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BTM Cultural Academy @ 25th June, 2011

This was a very special day for me as I was getting to perform with one of my personal favorite Mridangam Vidwans of today - Sri Arun Prakash. I especially admire his approach towards playing for Kritis and his deceptively simple Korvais.
I thoroughly enjoyed the outing - more so because I got to sing all the favorites of Semmangudi Mama.
Despite a rainy evening, the hall at BTM Cultural Academy was packed to full and the audience was extremely receptive.
Here goes the list:

entho prema - surutti - adi - varnam

deva deva kalayami - mayamalava gowla - rupakam - swati tirunal (N,S at jaata rupa)

ksheenamai - mukhari - adi - thyagaraja

hariharaputram - vasanta - khanda eka - muthuswami dikshitar (R,S at kaliyuga prathyaksham)

patti viduvaradu - manjari - adi - thyagaraja

o rangasayee - kambhoji - adi - thyagaraja (R,N,S)

thani avarathanam

parulanna mata - kapi - rupakam - dharmapuri subbarayar

jagadeesa - nadanamakriya - adi - swati tirunal

tillana - purna chandrika - poochi srinivasa iyengar


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hindu Review

Hi Folks,

Back after a long hiatus!!!

Please click here for the review of my concert at Irinjalakuda, Kerala.
Had learnt a couple of Swati Tirunal kritis exclusively for this concert - Sarasayatha Lochana (Athana) being one of them.

The highlight of the concert to me was the accompaniment of Vidwan Tanjore Ramadas mama - the moments spent in the room recollecting his days of learning under the legendary Palakkad Mani Iyer were a delight to listen to. Added to it was his matter of fact way of speaking...devoid of any sugar coating!!! An old world charm I must say!!
The link once again:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Order and chaos

The chaotic week and weekend also saw me performing two concerts back to back:

Saturday was at a book launch by a good friend and senior musician Dr Varadarangan on the science of music.
I chose to elaborate Nadopasana (Begada) as main piece - with Sri B Raghuram on the Violin and Sri V Krishna on the Mridangam.

Sunday was at Chennai for Nadasudha at Velachery at the serene Ganapati Sachidananda Ashram.
The main piece was Suruti (Geetarthamu) - with Sri B Ananthakrishnan on the Violin and Sri R Shankaranarayanan on the Mridangam.

More chaos coming up next weekend and ofcourse the Navaratri melee - predominantly focussed around Kerala.

Watch this space....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Article about Guruguhaamrta in the Indian Express

Writeup about Guruguhaamrta in the Indian Express

Guruguhaamrta's Next Concert

Invitation for Guruguhaamrta's Next Concert

Friday, July 02, 2010

Review of my concert - Hindu, July 2nd, 2010