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Monday, July 20, 2009

Review of my Coimbatore Concert - April 24th 2009

Here is the review to my Coimbatore concert which was held on April 8th, 2008 at the Binny Subbarao Rama Navami pandal.
They have been conducting the festival for over 60 years now.
Wonderful people with a serious and sincere commitment towards Carnatic Music.
You can click here for the review.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charsur Foundation Concert - 17th July, 2009

Performing at Charsur Foundation to the accompaniment of senior artists was
a delight!!!
It was such a pleasure being in the company of Sri KV Prasad and Sri
Purushottam especially - their anticipation, their knowledge of the kritis
and their ability to come in at just the right points...a truly humbling
I elaborated Kambhoji as the main ragam and sang Sri Subramanyaya Namaste
with Neraval and Swarams at the usual 'Vasavaadi Sakala Deva' line.
I began the concert with a request to the audience to observe a moment's
silence in memory of one of the greatest doyens of Carnatic Music Smt DK
Pattammal who passed away a few days ago.
Coincidentally, I had learnt this Kambhoji kriti from a tape of DKP's a
couple of years ago and every time I sing it, DKP's perfect rendition rings
in my head.
A legend who led a complete and fruitful musical life!!!
The audience turn out to my concert was fantastic - overall a great
The concert should be out in a few week's time on Charsur's website

Photo courtesy: Sri Hariharan Sankaran

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Amrita TV Recording

Just back from Trivandrum where I shot two episodes for Amrita TV.

The first is meant to be telecast on the seventh day of navaratri and hence I was given the Sahana Navavaranam to sing. The version I sang is the new version which was structured by my guru Sri TM Krishna in which Sahana is rendered as per the Venkatamakhin Sampradaya with great emphasis on the Sadharana Gandhara. Quite in contrast to the popular Sahana I must say but the effect is equally beautiful!!! I also sang Tulasi Jagajjanani (Saveri) in this episode.

The second episode contained a few less heard Dikshitar kritis - Varalakshmeem Bhajare (Sowrashtra), Narasimha Agachcha (Mohana) and Mangala Devata (Marga Deshi).

Will try and post videos as and when I have them with me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Charsur Arts Foundation Concert Evite

This is the beautiful invitation which the people at Charsur have put together for my concert on July 17th for the Charsur Arts Foundation.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Upcoming concerts in July 2009

1.      July 14th - Amrita TV Recording, Trivandrum


2.      July 17th - Charsur Arts Foundation, Raga Sudha Hall, Chennai (5:30 pm)

Violin              Sri HN Bhaskar

Mridangam     Sri KV Prasad

Khanjira          Sri BS Purushottam

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Concert at Tiruppur - 28th June, 2009

Violin: Palakkad Swaminathan
Mridangam: Shankaranarayanan

1) nenarunchara - simhavahini - adi - thyagaraja (S at 'sanakaadi')
2) vazhi maraittirukudhe - todi - adi - gopalakrishna bharathi
3) marubalka - sriranjini - adi - thyagaraja (R,S)
4) nagumomu - abheri - adi - thyagaraja (S)
5) sri subramanyaya namaste - kambhoji - rupaka - muthuswami dikshitar
6) shlokam 'maulav gangaa' - appayya dikshitar - ragamalika
(mayamalava gowla, sahana, varali, mukhari)
7) enraikku siva kripai - mukhari - misra chapu - neelakanta sivan
8) niraimadhi - hamsanandi - adi - arunagirinathar (tiruppugazh)
9) mangalam

Just as I was finishing marubalka, an old thatha sitting in the
audience requested for nagumomu.
When I was about to wrap up nagumomu, came another request from
another gentleman for swara prasthara in nagumomu.

It is only now when I put down the list that I realise that I sang
only 5 kritis before the tukkudas!!!!
The concert actually lasted nearly 3 hours !!!